New technologies are changing the world. The people in it. And the business models of our clients.

Companies need to be present on an increasing number of communication channels in order to be heard. The shift from target groups to targeting individuals is resulting in greater complexity. Greater complexity, in turn, requires agencies to employ experts in a wide range of fields who, by working together as a team, are able to keep track of the bigger picture despite focussing on a number of individual, highly specialized challenges. It’s no wonder that some of the most important criteria when it comes time to choose an agency are the qualifications and areas of expertise of the agency’s employees.

comfederation is the answer to these challenges – as an interdisciplinary group of specialized agencies with strong personalities that are the leaders in their respective fields, comfederation is able to offer clients intelligent communication solutions all from a single source. We offer better, more efficient and more effective solutions.

Lorenz Furrer

Managing Partner, furrerhugi. ag & NARWAL - Blockchain PR / Founder Clé de Berne GmbH

Andreas Hugi

CEO & Managing Partner, furrerhugi. ag & NARWAL - Blockchain PR

Michel de Maddalena

Managing Partner & Creative Director, evenjo ag

Marc Schlittler

Managing Director PRfact

Bala Trachsel

CEO, Republica AG

Roger Haemmerli

Founding / Managing Partner Andy Was Rright