comfederation: new brand alliance for intelligent communication solutions

comfederation has emerged as Switzerland’s leading communication group with interdisciplinary agencies covering PR, lobbying, digital marketing and events.

Individual skills are stronger together: the six companies furrerhugi (Bern, Zurich, Lugano, Brussels), Crausaz (Fribourg, Lausanne), Narwal (Zug), evenjo (Bern), mindnow (Zurich) and Clé de Berne (Bern) have joined forces as the brand alliance comfederation. The outcome is Switzerland’s leading communication group with interdisciplinary agencies covering PR, lobbying, digital marketing and events.

comfederation is a group of leading agencies in their respective areas with strong personalities and wide-ranging competencies. The group covers disciplines including public affairs, public relations, corporate communication, voting campaigns, graphic design, corporate events, live communication, film production, digital strategy, digital marketing, digital design and has a club plus private restaurant. Additional services are offered by third parties or may result from additional future cooperative ventures or participations.

Multiple client benefits

“We see technological change and the growth in communication channels and disciplines as an opportunity”, says Lorenz Furrer, Managing Partner of furrerhugi and Director of comfederation. “We are interested in new things, challenges and always in people”, says Furrer. “Receptiveness to the most varied sectors and tasks is what motivates us to look beyond the horizons of a briefing. We are in step with the times, not least due to our very well trained employees. We don't just want to think. We also want to be thought leaders. That calls for imagination, creativity and prompt anticipation of new trends.”

This adds considerable client value: comfederation offers clients efficient and more effective services in a clustered format featuring high performance density, without the price increase that this comprehensive structure would normally entail.

The clients are the main beneficiaries of the networked approach at comfederation: the agencies offer intelligent and integrated communication solutions for the most varied disciplines from all the linguistic areas of Switzerland. Not only does this result in effective approaches to business and data intelligence, it also provides proven experts with the necessary social competence.

Both unified and independent

comfederation is not a new company. However, due to their mutually complementary roles, the individual agencies have adopted a unified market presence while continuing to operate independently at the same time. comfederation is a performance brand of furrerhugi.holding AG, comprising the agencies furrerhugi, Crausaz, Narwal and Clé de Berne. furrerhugi.holding AG has a substantial holding in evenjo and mindnow.